Sanskrit Names for Babies

Published: 01st July 2011
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Names often reflect the personality of the child and therefore, naming is deemed veryimportant for children which rather follow a thoughtful choice. With the growing popularity for Sanskrit names, most people around the world take great pride in calling their children with Sanskrit names. Sanskrit is the most ideal language for naming since it is very ancient, mystical, charming and carries deep meaning. Most Sanskrit names form part of mantras or holy chants that form part of the ritualistic tradition of India. These holy chants are believed to carry enormous vibrations that are beneficial for body and mind. Therefore, Sanskrit names are a perfect choice for naming babies. Indian tradition beleives that Sanskrit names bestow long life, prosperity and happiness to their children.

Sanskrit words feature very attractive prefixes and suffixes with each segment of a given word deepening the meaning. For instance, you can think of a name called ‘Jai’ for a boy child which means victory. The meaning of this word can be deepened to suggest great victory by adding the prefix ‘Vi’, thereby making it ‘Vijai’. If you still want to add up something to this, you can add up the prefix ‘Dig’ making it "Digvijai’. The product now is the one who has secured immortal fame by conquering all the eight directions. In this manner, the syntax and depth of Sanskrit makes it the most suitable language for coining names. Sanskrit provides a galaxy of options for naming children.

Some of the very popular and most sought after names in Sanskrit for boy children include Ranjan (one who attracts), Vinay (one sho is humble), Nirmal (the pure one), Gunaseelan (one with pure qualities) Dheeraj (the courageous one), purushottam (the noblest among men), Sundar (the charming one), Ramesh (the attractive one), Sathya (the one who abides by truth), Prem Kumar (the loving one), Sudeep (the wonderful lamp), Shankar (the auspicious one), etc.

Some of the popular names for girl children include Preethi or Priya (the loving one), Ranjita (the one who attracts), Aishwarya (the prosperous one), Soundarya (the beautiful one), Sheela or Pavitra (pure one), Tejaswini (the resplendant one), Nitya or Amruta (the deathless one), Kavya (the one who has set a trend like an epic), Kalyani (the auspicious one), Vinodini (the novel one), Vimala (the pure one), etc.

With the Sanskrit names gaining universal appeal crossing borders, you can choose a Sanskrit name for your child and win a prosperous future besides boasting that you have named your child with the most charming classical language of the world.

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